Commit c3ab72c6 authored by Martin Blumenstingl's avatar Martin Blumenstingl

Fix scanfile.dvb parsing

Commit a1ddf29d simply added the tagLen (which is the length of the prefix)
to the name-string. Then of course the "is ']' the last character in the
name"-check does not work anymore.

REVIEW: 105369
parent 3d978262
......@@ -728,7 +728,7 @@ bool DvbManager::readScanSources(DvbScanData &data, const char *tag, Transmissio
while (strncmp(data.getLine(), tag, tagLen) == 0) {
const char *line = data.readLine();
QString name = QString(QLatin1String(line) + tagLen);
QString name = QString(QLatin1String(line)).remove(0, tagLen);
if ((name.size() < 2) || ( - 1) != QLatin1Char(']'))) {
return false;
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